Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seaons debut album, SUNGUN, released.

I met Sean Siders of The Seaons a couple years back before The Seaons were The Seaons. A 19 year old multi-instrumentalist, prolific writer with a vision and a message is hard to come by and it's been a pleasure and a privilege working with these kids. As it turns out, you can learn a lot from a cross-generational collaboration.

A full personnel change, a couple drum tracking mishaps and some directional changes later we finally honed in on the Seaons sound and got their debut album, SUNGUN, in the can and on the shelves. The response so far has been phenomenal!

...and in the mean time, The Seaons are already writing for their 2nd and 3rd releases...

You can get more info and/or purchase the CD or downloads at www.seaons.com.

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